January 30, 2017

Contact: Tracy Hall




Senator Joe Scarnati Appoints Senator Guy Reschenthaler as Senate Republican Campaign Committee Cycle Chairman

HARRISBURG, PA – Senator Joe Scarnati, President Pro Tempore of the Senate of Pennsylvania, announced today that Senator Guy Reschenthaler (SD 37) has been appointed Cycle Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee for the 2017-2018 election cycles. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) is responsible for fundraising for the Senate Republican Caucus as well as recruiting and working with candidates to run for the office of State Senator throughout the Commonwealth.

Senator Scarnati stated, “I am confident that Senator Reschenthaler will help to provide strong leadership to the SRCC. His dynamic personality, work ethic and innovative ideas will lead our caucus through another successful Election Cycle.”

Senator Reschenthaler stated, “I am honored by the appointment and the faith that Senator Scarnati and all of Senate Leadership have in me to assume this important position in our Senate Republican Caucus.  The Senate Republicans just came off a very successful Election Cycle bringing with it a historic veto-proof majority.  I look forward to working to continue to maintain and grow our majority over the next two years.”

“I am excited to begin working with Senator Reschenthaler this Election Cycle.  I am confident that his leadership and enthusiasm will continue to build upon our successes from last year,” commented SRCC Executive Director, Tracy Hall.

Senator Reschenthaler was first elected to the State Senate in a special election in 2015.  He won second election in senate district 37 in November.  His district includes parts of Allegheny and Washington County.