HARRISBURG, PA – Leaders of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) had a unified message for Governor Wolf regarding his first budget address to the Commonwealth, “it is time to remember who your constituents are and the real issues that face them.”

“Throughout his address, Governor Wolf attempted to win friends with proposed funding increases and additional investments for programs that he states will benefit all Pennsylvanians. Everyone needs to understand that increased funding and additional investments come at a cost to someone, and it is critical that we fully understand what is being proposed and the effects on our constituents” stated SRCC Cycle Chairman Scott Wagner.

Majority Leader Jake Corman shared that “Pennsylvania is at a cross roads leading to a fiscal cliff when it comes to the state pensions and lack of real property tax reform. Every Pennsylvanian will feel the effects of this Governor’s budget [and many not in a good way]. Now is the time for the stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars to refocus and reign in spending. It is a novice approach to make promises you know you cannot keep — there is nothing bold about this proposed budget.”

Senator Joe Scarnati, SRCC Chairman said, “It was a speech filled with a lot of empty rhetoric providing false hopes to most taxpayers on increasing education funding without questioning how these dollars will be spent and equally important where the dollars will come from other than the obvious tax increases -throwing money at schools will not fix all of the problems that Governor Wolf outlined. Making Pennsylvania a business stronghold is critical to our success both now and in the future, but doing it on the backs of hard working Pennsylvanians will not be an option for Senate Republicans. We cannot count how many times he mentioned middle class Pennsylvanians in his budget address, but I am fairly certain he did not run these ideas by middle class Pennsylvanians asking if they can afford the various tax increases!”

SRCC leaders shared that they are prepared to work tirelessly on behalf of their constituents and will not be dissuaded by a June 30th deadline. “Governor Wolf seems to have taken a lot of plays from former Governor Ed Rendell’s playbook so the Senate Republicans are prepared and ready to work until the right budget for all Pennsylvanians is passed” concluded Senator Rich Alloway.